Roles Performed

Character Animation | Lead Rigging | Modelling


TV Series | ErkyPerky

Roles Performed

Character Animation

Pose to Pose animation for a number of episodes on Season1

5 week turn around for 2 1/2 mins animation from blocking to final animation, any number of characters in these quotas.

Below is a compilation of shots I animated for season 1

Film | Happily Never After

Roles Performed

A Lead Rigger

8 months + on this film. Cleaned up a lot of characters that the Directors were unhappy with the look of, rebuilding faces, breasts, eyes, hair etc etc Smooth skinned a lot of the characters supplied to The Lab for delivery. Uv mapping, morph target modeling, various rigging tasks (both automated and not so automated), wrote documents for other staff, and headed up the skinning team for a few weeks (the few weeks there was a team :) ) Film credit: Lead Rigger Characters Worked on; Um that I can remember, Frog Princess, Step Sisters, Bella, Prince Humpy, Princes Horse, Dwarfs, Witches and various ballroom patrons. Below is the trailer this is about a 100meg download

Pitch | Charlottes Web

Roles Performed

Lead Rigging | Lead Character Animation

Okay this was an in house pitch for some work on Charlotte's Web. Requirements were to do a full sheep muzzle replacement and performance animation.

I did some clean up on the model, but mainly focused on Rigging/Animation for this (hand tracking the head errrrg!)
Still pretty happy over all with the final result.
And this is a playblast from maya of an earlier performance check. Shows the extent of the 3D model made / rigged.


Character Modelling


Product Packaging Modelling / Texturing | Animation