Shadow Studios

Roles Performed

One of 3 Core company directors setting up legals, SoP's, etc 3D roles rigging, animation, texturing, lighting, supervising,


TVC | BathurstAnt

Roles Performed

Lead Rigging | Lead Animation | Producer

I also produced this job for ShadowStudios

There were 4 remote operators on this job was 4, Tylney, Andrew, Alex and myself. Spent just over a week rigging the character and then animated the following shots.

Shots animated: shot 01: revisions on existing animation for client requests,

shot 04: the wipe off the windscreen,

shot 05: off the car into the air past camera,

shot 06: falling down onto the race car below

shot 07: falling into the windscreen

shot 08: the crash

shot 12: landing on the cork

shot 13: the cork explosion


TVC | AAMI Swans

Roles Performed

Lead Animation

Brand: Animated flock of swans on the car window andgoing past the power pole.

Flexi: Animated the bird taking off from the car and flying off into the distance.


TVC | GoodLoving

Roles Performed

Lead Rigging | Lead Animation

Rigged up the flower for animation.

Had to do some alterations to the main TVGuy rig for this job too re some dancing. Below are two shots (not final comps, they're still at Ch7) I did for this promo.

TVC | perthID

Roles Performed

Lead Modeling | Lead Rigging | Lead Animation

Another Ch7 job. Tylney took care of the shaders overall, and helped with lighting setups/render wrangling, but other than that I took care of pretty much everything else concerning this job.

TVC | Packed To the Rafters Title

Roles Performed

Lead Modeling | Lead Rigging | Lead Animation

Modeled the bat, bee, tree and flowers and wickets. Rigged and animated this intro for Packed to the Rafters.

TVC | OlympicPool

Roles Performed

Lead Modeling

Built the pool in just over a week. Tricky model. Did some basic shading on this too, this was a rough bash comp.


TVC | Eclipse Mints

Roles Performed

Lead Modeling | Onsite Producing | Lead Animation

Onsite production management, making sure all operators work is being synced between shadows main project server and the Collider server.
Animation of several shots of the sun line going up buildings.
Andew and Tylney and I were responsible for making sure the buildings were built in 3D to obtain a decent shadow line for compositing.
The end Tin model shading and rending by Tylney.

TVC | Melrose Website Environments

Roles Performed

Lead Modeling | Lead Rendering | Lead Animation

Also performed at Collider wee the following animations, the models were mainly downloaded prior to requesting our services. How ever none of the sets actually existed so everything needed to be constructed and camera moves worked out. Was pretty fast turn around all things considered. Fortunately it was only an ambientOCC render required.
Below are the playblasts of the sets (not the occlusion renders)