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WoW Machinima project entirely created by James Dunlop.

2 parts, the intro / final frustration for the gnome in part 2
Models imported via milkshape3d, into Maya, need to be cut in half and cleaned up for rigging / animation purposes.

Part 1


Roles Performed


Entry for the Doritos competition project entirely created by James Dunlop.

Little fella isn't too bright, and when scared out of his wits by a `alien' camera approaching, destroys his love by accident.


UnbrokenUnbroken - FireboltPro


Roles Performed

  • Lead Rigging

  • Lead Animation

Couple of nights work helping out a young machinima artist making some custom animation required for his story. Below is the maya playblast, then how Johan used it in the final product.

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Comped final shot (need to get my hands on the first part comped if possible)