Bubblebath Bay

Roles Performed

Modelling | Series Technical Director - Pipeline

During my time on Bubblebath Bay I was involved in all kinds of roles, from operating / designing processes / process implementation / training / documentation etc etc.Clicking on read more will provide a further breakdown of roles performed during my time at Purple Pictures / Essential  Media.

Pipeline Design

  • Scoping necessary setup for handling the series.
  • Setting up Shotgun / Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit
  • Working out a LOD system using Autodesk Scene Assembly (Buggy in 2013.5 and Autodesk support really needs some work... serious work)

Pipeline Build and Implementation

  • Setup of github repos and TD dept in at Lemonsky for code sync
  • Shotgun publishing scripts for departments MDL, RIG, SRF, ANIM, LGHT.
  • Setting in place all sanity checks and background libs for asset publish handling

Various Shotgun Applications Coded:

  • Shotgun app - tk-mayaplayblast
    Asset_step and shot_step aware, this app was used for playblasting turntables of assets or animations with the option to upload to directly to shotgun from Maya.
  • Shotgun app - tk-createShotcam
    Used to quickly create an appropriately named shot camera in scene based off the shotgun info.
  • Shotgun app - tk-duplicateAssets
    Used to duplicate assets such as Props or Characters for caching in animation. These can then accept surface variables during the lighting stages.
  • Shotgun app - tk-fetchShotAssets
    Used to query the related assets field of shots on shotgun, and import or reference etc these assets quickly into an animation scene for layout etc.
  • Shotgun app - tk-fetchCaches
    Used for bringing in the exported caches from animation.
  • Shotgun app - tk-fetchLightingShaders
    Used to rebuild the shaders for assets at lighting. On selected or for everything.
  • Shotgun app - tk-fetchUVs
    Fetches published UVs for assets if required. Handles multiple UV sets for alembic caches.
  • Shotgun app - tk-maayOcean
    Base setup of the FX tools for handling and setting up the maya ocean for the boats.
  • Shotgun app - tk-rebuildLIBSHD
    Rebuild LIB assets shading from their respective publishes in shotgun.
  • Shotgun app - tk-setupLighting
    Used to set the base renderglobals and lighting attributes.
  • Shotgun app - tk-rebuildCoreArchives
    Used to handle the vegetation approaches using core archives from mentalcore.

Documentation / Wiki / In House training etc
Responsible for writing tutorials and documentation for the tools and various processes built.